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Butterfly Release FAQs

Experience beauty in flight. A butterfly release will make your special moment truly unique. Capture a special place in the hearts and memories of all who attend. Memories that will last a lifetime…

What Is A Butterfly Release?

Mass Release - A mass release box will hold the butterflies for release all at once by opening the lid.

Display Release - The butterflies fly around inside a decorated cage, placed in your reception area, hung from trees or stands, or as table centerpiece. At the appropriate moment, the netting is drawn to release the butterflies.

Individual Release - Key celebrants and/or guests each receive a butterfly in an envelope or butterfly box to set free with wishes of good fortune, happiness and love. Our envelopes can be engraved with the bride & groom names and date of the wedding or other special event on one side and a poem or reading on the other side.

Live butterflies make your event the most memorable event you and your guests have ever experienced. As the butterflies fly around and even land on guests, you will see the delight and excitement on their faces. They will leave talking about the release and some may even be walking out with a butterfly on their shoulder! What a perfect photo and video opportunity! The butterfly release at your event can capture the memories of your special day only the way a butterfly can!

What happens after the butterflies are released? 

Butterflies on FlowersThe butterflies will fly to nearby flowers and plants. Often a few of the butterflies will land on the bride's bouquet or even land on a few of the guests - which people seem to enjoy. 

When can butterflies be released? 

The temperature should be above 60 degrees. During colder seasons, we recommend our displays and centerpieces. The lively butterflies can be displayed near the guest registry or any other location. The guests can enjoy watching the butterflies during the reception. After the reception the butterflies can be kept in the netting cage and fed a mixture of water, sugar and syrup. You may continue to enjoy their beauty even after the wedding.

Locally, during colder seasons, we offer our butterflies for rent. We will deliver and set up your displays and centerpieces and pick them up after your event. The butterflies will then be returned to our butterfly habitat.

What kind of butterflies are they? 

Monarch, Painted Lady or a Mixture of both butterflies. Also available are Black Swallowtails, Zebra Longwings, Julias, and Gulf Fritillaries, or a Mixture of all butterflies.   See butterflies for photos and description

How does weather affect them?

If it is cold, butterflies and inactive. As they warm up they become animated. The minimum temperature for flight is 60 degrees. Butterflies should not be released in the rain.

Do they stay around after the release?

Yes! Our butterflies are very friendly butterflies. Monarchs and several of our other types of butterflies are fearless when they interact with people and will allow you to move in close to get a photograph and sometimes even let you pick them up!

How can I get good pictures of the butterflies?

Butterflies and RingsWe suggest having some extra butterflies for picture taking. The butterflies can be kept in their boxes and placed in a refrigerator or with a cool pack for 10-20 minutes (but not much longer). This will slow their reactions and movement. Then they can be placed onto bridal bouquets, wedding gowns, or whatever you desire. You will have about 30 seconds or so to capture your photograph before the butterflies warm up and "re-animate" by slowly opening and closing their wings and walking at a slow pace. We have more photo and video tips that you will receive with your order.

What care do butterflies need? 

There is NO care needed as the butterflies are fed immediately before shipment and can survive up to 5 days on their own body fat. Your butterflies will be packaged ready for release. They are, however, packed with a cool-pack to bring them into an inactive state. You may need to re-freeze the cool-pack. Full instructions will accompany your order and we are available to assist you with any questions. The butterflies are more active in temperatures above 60 degrees. Although it is safe for the butterflies to be released in lower temperatures they will be sluggish and less active. If the temperature is cold (below 50 degrees) it is recommended that you do not release the butterflies. You may however display them in a display cage (We have cages that may be purchased for display) near the guest registry or any other location. The guests can enjoy watching the butterflies during the reception. After the reception the butterflies can be kept in the netting cage and fed a mixture of water, sugar and syrup.

For Weddings ...

Butterfly Release BoxesWe have a wide range of butterfly release accessories and wedding favors for weddings or special events. A variety of beautiful displays are also available to show the butterflies.

Release butterflies individually or fill the sky with butterflies from a mass release box or display. The release may be incorporated into the ceremony. As the butterflies are released, read a poem, say a prayer, have everyone make a silent wish, make a dedication, or shower the bride and groom with butterflies. We have a variety of poems and prayers for your use.

Live butterflies and butterfly releases are a unique way to celebrate any special occasion including weddings, graduations, birthdays, grand openings, memorial services, and more...

Why Vibrant Wings Butterflies?

Vibrant Wings Butterflies is dedicated to making your release spectacular! We are here for you to answer all questions and give you personal assistance to plan your release. Complete instructions accompany your order with tips for release, display, photo ops, etc. We provide only healthy, vibrant butterflies. As an active member of IBBA, we adhere to the highest standards in our business. Butterflies are environmentally friendly and beautiful.

How are butterflies shipped? 

Locally, we deliver your butterflies ready for release or display directly to your event location.

Nationwide....Butterflies are shipped in release boxes to be released all at once or individually by whomever you designate! When butterflies arrive, All you need to do is keep them in a dark, cool place (air-conditioned room or cool basement). This keeps them less active until you are ready for them to perform! An hour before the release, put them somewhere warmer (above 70 degrees, 75 to 80 degrees works best but not any warmer). At this time they are anxiously awaiting the big moment of release! Do not leave the packaged butterflies sitting in temperatures above 85 degrees for long periods of time. If outside temperatures are above 85 degrees keep the package somewhere that is not so hot until the time of release gets closer (within 1/2 hour of release time should be ok).

How do they survive when boxed up?

Monarchs and other butterflies are very hardy. The casualty rate is less than 1% and it is likely that all will be lively and healthy when released. The lower temperature in the shipping box puts the butterflies into a restful and comfortable "hibernation" state and they do not need to eat or even move during shipment. 

When will they arrive? 

Locally, we deliver the day of your event.

Nationwide, butterflies are shipped priority overnight to arrive the day before the event.

Indian legend about butterflies 

....As the Indian Legend Goes...If anyone desires a wish to come true they must capture a butterfly and whisper that wish to it. Since they make no sound, they can't tell the wish to anyone but the Great Spirit. So by making the wish and releasing the butterfly it will be taken to the heavens and be granted.